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You’ve chosen your bridesmaids and their dresses, next is their hair.

Do you match them all do or go different?


Matching hairstyles to fit perfectly with their dresses work beautifully, but you need to choose a style that will flatter ALL of them.


Another option is to embrace their individuality and choose hair that suits their hair type or personality. Think about how you want them to feel on your day also. You may want them to feel confident and comfortable this is easily achieved by carefully taking into consideration the length of each bridesmaids hair, the texture, colour and how so they prefer their hair?


For my own wedding I wanted everyone to match, at first I wasn't bothered if they didn't like it (in true bridezilla fashion) but I soon realised I wanted my closest girls to feel comfortable I wanted them to look back and feel happy with how they looked. One has super thick mid back length hair, one had fine shoulder length, the other mid and blonde whilst my sister in law has the thickest poker straight Japanese hair, so that glam pony or loose low bun just wasn't going to work for everyone. It just wasn't going to be possible with the Variety in lengths and textures. I opted for a rule, choose your own style but it must be an up do.

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